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It all started when...

Two young men met in Montreal and became lifelong friends - Jacques Schonberg & Norbert Schachter. A few years later, the two made a partnership and in 1982, Janor Imports came into existence. The name of this enterprise stems from the first letters of each of their given names.

Before Janor was part of the picture, Jacques & Norbert were already working in the fashion industry but had never owned a company of their own or even managed one for that matter. Nevertheless, the young and determined partners, unintimidated by the challenges that faced them; poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the thriving company you see here today.

A few years after its inception, Norbert would sell his portion of the company to Jacques and go into retirement - making Jacques the sole proprietor of Janor Imports to this very day.

What first started off as a simple vision shared by two friends, would one day flourish into the large and successful company you see here today. A company which only had 2 young and ambitious employees, and has now grown to almost 50 employees with offices across Canada - a company, whose name has become a staple among those within the industry.


What we do

From our stare of the art shipping and warehouse facilities, to our highly experienced sales team; we handle everything from A to Z, because we know what it takes to create a successful brand.

It is a process that has taken us over 36 years to perfect and we feel confident, that it can help all of our partners become successful in the North American market.


Our Offices

Over the years, Janor has expanded its physical operations to include two locations across Canada. With its head office located right in the very heart of Montreal's fashion district - this modern and industrial-style location was designed by the company's very own Jocelyne Carlin.

This new space boasts an impressive 30,000 square-feet (approx. 2,800 sqm), of which 15,000 sqf is dedicated to our shipping and warehousing facilities. The remaining space is made up of our 16 showrooms, stockroom, and office space for our 30+ employees.

Our second office is located in the thriving city of Toronto. Also designed by Jocelyne Carlin, the office was created to reflect much of the same style and influences that went into our head office. This beautiful 4,500 sqf space has 6 showrooms and a stockroom as well.



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