The object of cultish adoration, ecru has been universally hailed as makers of the world's best fitting pants by retailers and consumers nationwide.

They started with one style ...The "Beck” trouser. Once women tried these clean, modern and sexy pants on, they were hooked and ecru quickly developed a loyal following.

Every season, they study the performance of their products and their client’s feedback; and then start again. Their goal when creating their collection is to allow their clients...stylish and discerning women to move effortlessly from the office to dinner, to the weekend, to a party, to vacation.

These women place a premium on fabric, quality, fit and original styling that ecru consistently strives to deliver.


GAUDÌ has a young and contemporary style, with refined features and glamor, designed for those who want to dress for every situation according to their needs and their mood. Garments designed to tell their personality with energy and safety.

The GAUDÌ world speaks to young, determined, feminine and seductive women, and to attentive, dynamic and up-to-date men who interpret fashion and use it to express themselves and stand out.

It is completed by GJ-Gaudì Jeans, the denim soul of Gaudì, a complete collection of jeans and "basic" clothes with a determined and gritty identity.

Ilse jacobsen HORNBÆK

For more than 20 years, the idyllic seaside village and summer resort of Hornbæk, which is famous for its wide sandy beaches and dunes, has been a constant source of inspiration for Danish Designer Ilse Jacobsen's work and creativity.

The key look of the ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK collection embraces relaxed luxury and smart casuals related closely to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Inspired by nature, they design ready to wear, rub&rain, bags and accessories in a fine balance between Scandinavian lifestyle, Danish design and modern urban living.

La fee maraboutée

La Fée Maraboutée was established in 1996 in Roanne, the home of the French textile industry. Under the artistic direction of its founder, Jean-Pierre Braillard, the brand has maintained its uniqueness for almost 20 years in the place where it was established. Attached to its roots, La Fée Maraboutée is proud of its values. With humility, it creates, innovates and contributes to the promotion of eternal femininity, using original concepts that set the brand apart.

La Fée is, above all, a vision. Breaking with the uniformity typical of many other fashion chains, La Fée Maraboutée has managed to keep its original vision, while renewing itself continuously. With each new collection, it surprises its customers, while staying faithful to its values of femininity, elegance and good taste.

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